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Alipay is the world’s largest mobile and online payments platform, used by over 520m Chinese consumers. It’s also the most popular form of payment for Chinese international travellers.

Alipay is now the most accepted form of payments for all manner of goods and services in China, both offline and online, accepted for everything from street food, to high end fashion boutiques.

But Alipay is much more than just a way to pay for goods and services with a phone.  It is a complete marketing programme to attract more customers into your store.  What’s more, it requires no Chinese marketing or language skills!

Christchurch International Airport, operating under the South brand, are facilitating the roll-out of Alipay into the South Island. By accepting Alipay, South Island merchants (both within and outside the tourism industry) have the opportunity to sell more goods and services to Chinese travellers – before they get to the South Island, while they are here, and once they have gone home.

We want to help grow the economic outputs from the Chinese visitor market for the entire South Island.

  • Accepted by over 16,000,000 merchants in China.
  • Accepted by over 100,000 merchants outside China, and growing rapidly.
  • In 2016, Chinese consumers made 97-billion mobile payments.
  • Alipay was used during 120,000,000 international trips by Chinese consumers in 2016.
  • Only 15% of Chinese consumers regularly use a credit card. By not accepting Alipay, businesses are missing out.


Alipay is incredibly simple for merchants to accept. There are no set-up costs or ongoing monthly charges. Merchants simply pay a transaction fee of 1.6%. 

 Merchants are remitted funds in NZD two working days after the transaction. The currency conversion happens at the customer’s end. Alipay provides their uses with preferential exchange rates, meaning it is more attractive for Chinese travellers to use Alipay when abroad.

What’s more, South will also take care of the set-up of merchants’ profiles and marketing content on the Alipay platform, to help businesses make the most of this exciting opportunity. 

An example - A customer purchases lunch in a restaurant on Monday.  The lunch costs NZD$50.  The business owner receives NZD$49.20 in their account on Wednesday.  This equates to the purchase cost less the 1.6% merchant fee.



The Alipay transaction process is as simple and even quicker than accepting a credit or debit card.

There are three ways a transaction can be processed:

1. A merchant receives a QR code, which sits at POS. The Alipay user scans this QR code with their Alipay app, enters the amount of the transaction, clicks confirm and shows the merchant the confirmed transaction on their phone. The merchant also receives real-time confirmation of the transaction via a smartphone/tablet or email.

2. A merchant who has a scanner at POS which can read QR codes, scans the Alipay customer’s QR code on their app, enters the value of the transaction on their device and receives a confirmation that the transaction has been confirmed.

3. Alipay transactions can also be added to a business’ website, meaning Alipay users can pay for items on your site – particularly convenient for the 85% of Chinese who do not have a credit card.