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Alipay Coupon Submission

Alipay Coupons are a great way to attract Chinese customers into your business. 

Providing special offers, via online coupons, encourages Chinese guests to enter your store and buy.  We work with you to create coupons that will give the greatest success. Alipay research shows that 45% of users who download a coupon will purchase from the brand.

 Remember –

  • Offering a coupon influences the Alipay algorithm, meaning your business might appear above your competitor.
  • Coupons are compulsory to participate in some of the Alipay scheme-wide campaigns.

Alipay Coupons take five basic forms:
1.  A deduction with a purchase - e.g. "$5 off this item"
2.  A percentage discount - e.g. "10% off this item"
3.  A gift with purchase - e.g. "Buy this item and get a free tote bag"
4.  A rebate - e.g. "Buy this item and get $10 off your next purchase"
5.  A fixed price - e.g. "Buy this item for $50"

The South programme has made it incredibly easy for you to set-up a Coupon online, in less than five minutes. Simply complete the online form below to get started. We'll create your Coupon and send it to you for approval before sending it live to Alipay.