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Chinese New Year 2020

We are pleased to announce that Alipay’s Chinese New Year campaign is back for 2020!

The biggest annual festival in China, Chinese New Year, commences on 25 January. It has been forecast that 70 million Chinese will travel abroad during this holiday period, with our part of the world being a hot-spot! We expect to see high volumes of Chinese guests traveling here for two weeks either side of Chinese New Year.

To support local businesses, Alipay is running a promotion for all Alipay-accepting merchants between  10 January - 16 February 2020.

What is the pROMOTION?

Alipay users will scan the point-of-sale material to collect up to five  Red Packet cash coupons, each with an increasing amount to encourage more spending. The cash coupons are directly credited to the user's Alipay account, for them to put towards their next transaction.

Alipay users will also receive a  Bonus Draw coupon  once all five Red Packets have been collected and redeemed.

The value of the Red Packet cash coupons is completely funded by Alipay - there is no cost to merchants to participate!

How do you participate?

To participate, simply display the Alipay campaign point-of-sale material distributed by the SOUTH team. The Red Packet’s and the Bonus Draw are funded by Alipay and processed automatically through their account, so there is no need for your staff to do anything during the transaction!

Order your campaign point-of-sale material from here.

REMEMBER -If you do not order and display the campaign point-of-sale material, Alipay users will not be able to access the promotion and will likely not spend in your business!

Don't forget...

Don't forget to check and update your Alipay marketing listing to ensure it best represents your recommendations for the Chinese market. You can do this through your SOUTH account  here or by contacting the team at alipayinfo@cial.co.nz 

Do you want to go the extra mile?

If you are serious about attracting more Chinese customers during this period, we strongly encourage you to run your own  Alipay coupon  alongside this campaign. Using Alipay’s algorithm to target the most likely shoppers, coupons dramatically increase your exposure within the Alipay app. These can be a price/percentage discount, fixed-price coupon or a gift with purchase.

 The coupon will preferably be Alipay-specific, but you are also welcome to submit a pre-existing deal that is running over the promotion period.

 If you would like to create an Alipay coupon, please upload the details here.

Questions? Get in touch!

 If you have a request for bespoke point-of-sale material, or you have any questions about the Alipay Chinese New Year campaign 2020, please contact  alipayinfo@cial.co.nz