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July 15th - August 15th 2019

Introducing: The Alipay Summer Campaign

The Alipay Summer Campaign

We want to introduce you to an exciting Alipay campaign, open to all Alipay merchant partners in New Zealand and funded by Alipay.

July and August are the summer holiday’s in China and is the longest vacation period for most Chinese (especially students from primary school to university). While this isn’t a key travel time for Chinese guests to New Zealand, it is nonetheless a great opportunity to promote your business to the more than 20,000 Chinese visitors who will come to New Zealand during the campaign period, not to mention the over 150,000 who live in New Zealand.

What is the promotion?
  • 5RMB ($1) or 60RMB ($4) instant deduction when spending 60RMB ($13) or 500RMB ($108) in one transaction. The reward can be claimed once per user.
  • The campaign will runbetween July 15 and August 15and awareness will be created through push notifications, banners and campaign pages within the Alipay app.
  • The deduction isfunded by Alipay, so the transaction will be processed as normal.
How do I actively participate?
  • Make sure you are displaying the correct point-of-sale material. Please display both the generic Alipay acceptance material, as well as the Summer Campaign material you will receive in the mail soon.
  • It is important to train your staff about the campaign, so they are familiar with the Alipay payment processes and can offer verbal communication about the campaign.
  • You are also encouraged to offer coupons and promotions during this period and advertise these on your Alipay. Depending on the value of the coupon, this may be listed in the in-app city page for even further exposure. To qualify for this the coupons must be valid throughout July 15 to August 15. To create a coupon in under five minutes online, click here.

60 5 160 5 2500 20 1500 20 2

For more information, to order more Alipay acceptance point-of-sale material, or to have a chat about how the South programme can better help you grow your Chinese business, please emailalipayinfo@cial.co.nz