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Queenies Dumplings

Alipay makes dumpling business feel ready for Chinese visitor peak

Alipay is proving an instant hit with visitors to Central Otago Dumpling shops.

Queenies Dumplings Queenstown and Glenorchy owner Nigel Kerr said signing on to Alipay under a Christchurch Airport project, was a no brainer.

Around 10 per cent of the shop’s transactions now came from Alipay each day.

“For small businesses, banking fees, particularly around credit cards, are quite big. Alipay is much for affordable so it saves us money and gives us an alternative to the banks.”

As an Alipay merchant, the Central Otago business has the ability to engage with visitors before, during and after their holiday to New Zealand.

Alipay users can look up places to stay or eat and book activities through the app which also sends them notifications on their smartphone when they were near any business that accepts Alipay. Businesses can also make special offers through the app.

Kerr said signing on to Alipay was “part of being ready and being welcoming”, when Chinese visitor numbers peaked.

“It’s another tick along the line.”

Kerr signed on to Alipay on October 17 2017, with the intent to make Chinese visitors feel comfortable in his two dumpling stores.

“Signing on was simple and it’s proving popular with our Chinese customers. Chinese tourists expect Chinese. They like to see Chinese. They’re comfortable with the Chinese way.”

“By having Alipay available instore, it works well in making them think ‘these people are here for us, they’re thinking of us and this will be good’.”

Kerr said Alipay also helped ease the fears of any Chinese tourists who were less confident travelling overseas and who wanted to use a trusted payment system.

The business owner is now confident, that with Alipay, Queenies Dumplines is now ready to cater to the increasing Chinese visitor numbers.

“I don’t think we have seen the full wake of Chinese tourists yet, which will surprise a lot of people. I have to say I feel confident with it. It’s just saying we’re friendly. It’s like having a sign at the door, written in Chinese, rather than English. It is about making people feel confident.”