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Wools of Wanaka

Small business joins global payment provider

A family-owned business in Wanaka is proving size is no barrier when it comes to keeping up with global trends.

Wools of Wanaka signed on to Christchurch Airport’s Alipay project in October 2017.

Within 24 hours of launching the system, Wools of Wanaka received their first Alipay transaction.

Owner Ann-Louise Stokes says they wanted to offer a unique and convenient service to customers, and it’s proving popular.

“The feedback from our customers speaks volumes. They love Alipay,”

Stokes says it was easy to get Alipay up and running.

“After a little bit of inhouse training, our team were pros,” she said.

Alipay users receive notifications on their phones when they are near businesses that are on the system.

Ann-Louise Stokes says given Wanaka’s popularity with Chinese visitors, Alipay will help draw customers through her business’ door.

“We are really pleased to offer Alipay and we see this as a valuable option to give our customers a more memorable shopping experience."